We offer solutions in Business Management that include IT infrastructure, web-based applications, social media branding and search engine optimization. We also provide trust and privacy consulting services to protect personal and business wealth. Our professional speaking services, business coaching and credit builder consulation will help your business expand to the next level with maximum efficiency.



At Rosado Companies our philosophy is that personal improvement is the key to peace and success in our business and personal lives. By living in the present moment and not focusing on the past or future, we all have the power to manifest the life that we truly want and deserve. Understanding the art of intention is the key to preparing and positioning ourselves for the world of abundance that awaits.



Success is about finding your greatness. As an Author and Professional Speaker, Michelle Rosado has empowered and motivated audiences with her passion for life and inspiring message about overcoming any obstacle. Randy Rosado's story of determination and dedication to life's growth process has impacted thousands, as he believes that absence of ego and humility are the key ingredients to achieving your greatness.

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